Grab Your Suitcases–Next Stop…Home.

With less than one week to go, it is just about time to soak up the sun and relax over summer break. But not so fast residence hall students! Before they leave for the summer, there are some rules to be followed to make move-out day a lot easier.

AJ Lutz is the director of Residential Administration and he describes spring move-out as a “steady trickle” compared to move-in day in the fall when students all come in at once. “Students can leave any time after they have completed their finals,” Lutz explained. He said te he residence hall staff does a great job when it comes to moving students out and making sure the buildings are closed and ready for summer operations. 

Lutz’s job, however, is all the behind the scenes work, work no one typically sees. After organizing move-out and all the students are back at home, he has to deal with damage charges, meal plan refunds, and leftover paperwork. This all happens the week after the residence halls close.

Caitlin Broida lives in Corbin Hall and she is preparing to empty her room fully before heading home.  Before she can move out, she must sign up for a checkout time with her RA so her room can be inspected. Students are supplied with garbage bags for trash, but are not allowed to throw large items down the garbage shoot. Broida said the best thing to do when it comes to moving out is rent a cart from downstairs. This helps students move large amounts of items in fewer trips down the floors. Most of all, Broida and other students just want to get their stuff together, head home, and spend time with their families for the summer. “I can’t wait to be home for three months,” she said.

For some students, this is their last year living in the residence halls. Lutz explained each WIU residence hall provides students with resources to help them with their academic endeavors. “We love to see students work hard until they walk across the stage at graduation and we want to support them in doing so,” said Lutz. It is also a great experience to live in the residence halls because students make life-long friends after living so close to others during their time in the halls.

Lutz wants all students to be able to look back at their college experience and say, “I loved my time at WIU.”  What about you? Did you live on campus? What was move out time like for you? I’m sure everyone has a different story to tell, so start sharing.




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