It’s The Final Countdown

The always-dreaded week of finals is upon us. Students have been working their brains to no end in the library during this past week, a week that many students refer to as “dead week.” We all hope to do well on our finals and leave this semester on a high note. And it all begins come Monday!

The University releases the final exam schedule at the beginning of every school year. Final times are determined by when classes have been scheduled during the semester. For me, I have finals on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday of next week.

As we prepare, we find the library to be like a student’s home during finals week. Students spend hours upon hours in the library making sure they are prepared for their final exams. The library’s hours actually extend during finals week. Students often bring in their own snacks to munch on while they study until the wee hours of the morning. Oh and they can’t forget their coffee to help them stay awake!

While walking out of class yesterday, I ran into my friend Jansen Baker. He was heading to the library, in a large pack of other students heading in the same direction. “I only have about an hour and a half left of work to do,” Baker said. After he talked to me, it motivated me to head home, grab my study materials and spend about two hours in the library as well.

Another friend of mine, Megan Bowman, took seven classes this semester, a class load completely beyond the normal course load for a student. In turn, she has been studying for seven different finals this semester. “My attention span begins to get shorter and shorter as this week goes on while I am studying, but I still tread on,” Bowman said.

As for me, all of my professors are very helpful and motivating when it comes to studying for my exams. They have offered to meet with me if I ever have any questions regarding my exams. It is a great feeling to know the instructors truly care about our success.

After I leave the Alumni House today, I will be heading to the library for at least another good hour of studying before next week rolls around. I am sure all of you remember studying for your finals as well. The week drags on and on, but studying is essential to getting a great overall grade in each class. Wish us luck on our finals next week! It’s going to be a busy one.



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