Captain Career to the Rescue!

ImageAs this school year comes to a close, seniors are graduating and moving on to the next chapter in their lives…the work world. It takes some planning and thinking ahead to land a good job after graduation.  Students must draft resumes, go on a number of interviews and be able to fit the criteria for the job they are trying to get. They must also know where to find jobs best suitable for the degree they receive from WIU.  Well, there is a new character on campus has come to the students’ rescue…Captain Career!

Dressed in a purple and black super hero costume, complete with a long black cape, is Captain Career. She has become the new mascot for WIU’s Office of Career Services. The captain can be found at Career Fairs, Career Service events, or just walking around campus. If you spot her, she will most likely give you some information about Career Services and tell students how she can help them find a career after college.

Captain Career made her first appearance at a WIU Career Fair last October. She and Career Services staff members have worked together to come up with a creative way to make students more interested in their future and to make them more aware of the different opportunities around them. When I stepped into the captain’s office, she told me, “I am rescuing students from unemployment.”

While sitting in the captain’s office, I realized how much work she has put into making sure students are leaving WIU in a good direction. The captain expressed how fun it is to meet new students, hear about their goals, and help them achieve those goals. She said she also enjoys seeing the outcome of all the work Career Services puts into different students’ futures.

This new character on campus is all about helping students. The captain along with Career Services staff can help with anything a student needs when it comes to finding and securing a rewarding career. They can help students through interview processes, improve their resumes, and assist in their search for the right career path. All you need to do is find the captain around WIU, and she will come to your rescue.

Even though the captain is unable to reveal her real identity, she did have a message for WIU alumni. “Thank you for giving back to our university and making programs like Career Services possible.” She also wanted to remind alumni it is never to late to use what you learned from Career Services in your lives today. And if you need a refresher or want assistance from the Office of Career Services, you can find them online at Remember, Once a Leatherneck, Always a Leatherneck!


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