Moms Visit Our “Home Away from Home”

Now that the weather is starting to get nicer and the sun is beginning to shine more often, what better time to bring mom to campus than Moms’ Weekend? This weekend, April 5th-7th is a time for moms to come visit their children here on campus and experience where they call home during their college career.

If you’ve never attended, Moms’ Weekend takes a lot of preparation.  Karolynn Heuer, Director of the Student Assistance and Parent Service Center, is the go-to person when it comes to organizing Moms’ Weekend. When asked what she does to help organize the weekend’s events, she responded, “Well, I do everything!” Whether she is coming up with different activities for the moms and their children to enjoy, or making sure that all of the moms are taken care of for the weekend, Karolynn does it all, along with her colleague Chad Frederick. “We are a committee of two,” Karolynn said.

The activities for this year’s Moms’ Weekend are very exciting because some new ideas have been brought to the table.  For example, a Big Pink Volleyball Tournament will be held with over 100 participants. Also new this year, ten moms have registered to compete in WIU’s Cupcake Battles where they submit their best tasting cupcakes. Then there will be a chance for everyone to taste the cupcakes and a winner will be selected from all the taste-testers. Other activities such as the climbing tower at Horn Field Campus, cooking classes, and also a comedy show organized by the Bureau of Cultural Affairs will keep moms and their children busy this weekend.

Of course, Moms’ Weekend is not just limited to moms; Grandmothers, aunts, sisters, cousins, you name it, are also welcome to come join in on the fun. This weekend is a great way for many women to come together and have a great time with their family.

Karolynn said that the best part of organizing Moms’ Weekend is being able to meet different women from all over the United States who are excited about spending time with their children. “By the time all the moms get here, I almost know all of them by name,” said Karolynn. She finds it very rewarding seeing all of these women visiting WIU.

Karolynn mentioned that WIU is a student’s “home away from home.”  It is important that families spend time with their children in not only their original home, but also at their college home. “It is important for parents to engage in their children’s lives and what better way than Moms’ Weekend,” Karolynn added.

To the WIU alumni out there, do you have children attending WIU? If so, come join in the fun this weekend and get involved with all the great activities Western has planned for Moms’ Weekend.


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