WIU Has Spring Fever

As you have probably noticed, my last couple of blogs have been about spring events at Western such as baseball games, the new Color Craze run, the St. Baldrick’s fundraiser, and of course, spring break. It seems like students are always very active and more energetic when nice weather rolls around. So what other activities keep students busy as the temperatures rise and the days get longer?

Well, one topic that has been very popular with my two roommates is Opening Day of Major League Baseball. I am a proud supporter of the St. Louis Cardinals and getting to finally watch them on Opening Day was enjoyable.  There is a big rivalry among students here on campus because a lot of students are Chicago Cubs fans and many others are St. Louis Cardinals fans. I am sure that many students gathered around their TV’s on April 1st to catch the Opening Day games.

Speaking of April 1st, did you remember it was April Fools’ Day? I find it kind of crazy that many students still participate in this holiday. Talking to some of my friends, I have heard some funny stories like one friend who bought a fake winning lottery ticket and gave it to someone; the recipient of the fake ticket was quite disappointed when they found out that they actually were not a winner. Also, some of them mentioned throwing cold water over the shower rod as their victim was taking a shower. How funny!

Something that is near and dear to my heart is farming and when spring rolls around, it’s planting season! You will begin to see farmers driving their tractors slowly down country roads heading towards a field to start planting their crops. I bet many of the men and women who are working towards an Agricultural degree here at WIU will put in time helping to local farmers this spring.

I’m also noticing the color changes that are happening on campus as we head into spring. Flowers begin to bloom and trees are turning green again. When you step outside, you can just smell the beautiful nature around you. Even though it does rain a lot during April, nice weather will soon roll around and STAY in May, which is something all of us Illinois folks appreciate.

Some activities that I personally look forward to in spring are bonfires in the country, four-wheeling, fishing, and hunting for mushrooms. Growing up on a farm has made me really enjoy being outside and spring brings me that opportunity.

What are you doing this spring? I would love to hear all about your plans. I hope all of you have a fun and safe spring this year.



2 thoughts on “WIU Has Spring Fever

  1. Lauren Nord

    Great article you have written here. I like reading through you articles that keeps me updated on things happeing at Western. Since i have graduate. It is nice for you to write about the agriculture side. You do not see that much on people talking about agriculture. Thank you. Keep writing you are doing great.


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