How About a Pie in the Face, Professor?


A new fundraiser hit campus this past month and it brings a whole new twist to the academic world. The Communication Student Society (CSS) came up with a fun way to get everyone involved in raising money and allow students the opportunity to do something crazy to their professors….I’m talking about a “Pie Your Professor Day”!

How the fundraiser worked was simple. Twelve communication professors were in the running to get a big ol’ pie thrown at them.  Each professor had a jar in the Communication Department’s main office where students could drop off their donations. The top three professors that had the most money in their jars would be the ones to get pied.  On the flip side, students were asked to write their names on slips of paper to be put in a drawing to be the ones to actually pie the professors!

And get this; there was a twist to this fundraiser! If a professor was in the top 3 to get pied, they could opt out of getting pied by matching the funds of the amount raised in their jar. And that is exactly what happened! Communication professors John Miller and Dave Zanolla were in first and second place and accepted their fate by taking a pie to the face from one of their students. However, Professor Bree McEwan, who was in third place, opted out of getting pied because she, along with some other communcation professors, matched the money from her jar. That means that Communication Professor Pete Jorgensen was next in line, and after much stalling, he finally got a pie to the face as well!

Stacey Macchi, also a professor in the Communication Department, did a lot of advertising and promoting for this fundraiser. Whether it was sending out emails to remind students to donate or posting promotional pictures and fliers on the CSS Facebook page, Stacey had it covered.  She was actually one of the professors who was in the running to get pied, but I guess she got lucky!

The actual “pieing” event took place in the third floor lobby of Memorial Hall. I stopped by and snapped some pictures and let me tell you, it was a fun event to watch! Students from CSS and various communication classes all gathered around to watch their professors get whipped cream and pie crust all over their faces.  CSS ended up raising more than $250 from this event and to continue their efforts, they advertised t-shirts at the pie event which they sold for $15!

Being a communication minor myself, I thought that the “Pie Your Professor Day” was genius. It was fun, humorous, and attracted students and faculty to come together to raise money for CSS. If you want to check out some videos of professors getting pied or see some more pictures that were snapped, go to the CSS Facebook page at


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