Bold and Bald



Spring has finally reached us (even though the weather in Macomb does not seem like it), and that means it is time for the annual St. Baldrick’s event at WIU.  This year, the theme is “Keep Calm and Go Bald” and the event will be held this Sunday, March 24 in the Tanner Hall circle.

St. Baldrick’s is a foundation that works towards curing childhood cancer. And one of the foundation’s largest fundraising events is the annual head-shaving event. Individuals and teams from all over the US come together and shave their heads as a way to honor children who have cancer. All participants that sign up for the St. Baldrick’s event collect pledges or donations from people around their community; the money raised through this event will go back to the St. Baldrick’s foundation and put towards research and cures for childhood cancer. Anyone who collects at least $50 can participate in WIU’s St. Baldrick’s head-shaving event.

WIU’s St. Baldrick’s event is really a community-wide event.  After all the pledges are collected, community members and Western students can watch all the head-shaving action performed by local barbers. Megan Thurston, the Tanner Hall Complex Director, oversees this event. All of the Tanner Hall resident assistants help organize this annual fundraiser.

Along with the actual head-shaving, event participants and visitors will be able to visit a photo booth, hang out with Rocky, and chow down on some delicious snacks. The WIU radio station will also be there broadcasting from the event.  The main attraction, of course, is the head shaving.  Upon registering for St. Baldrick’s, individuals can form teams to make the event more fun and exciting. Fraternities, different businesses around Macomb, the police department, and the fire department are some of the different teams that have come together to raise money for children cancer patients.

Everyone has a reason to donate…and hopefully one day, the donations will help researchers find a cure for the horrible disease of cancer. Megan herself said, “I have worked closely with a family that just recently had a child pass away from cancer. That is why this this means so much to me.”  The whole idea of St. Baldrick’s is that no matter if you are donating $1 or $100, you are making a difference in a child’s life.

 Megan further explained that the passion of the students involved is incredible.  Students have been posting about St. Baldrick’s through social media and letting the entire world know that they are donating.  T-shirts and other promotional items have been made with proceeds going to St. Baldrick’s.  So if you are free this Sunday, head out to Tanner Hall and watch some bold and brave individuals get their heads shaved in honor of all the children fighting for their lives against cancer.


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