Everybody’s Working for the Weekend…. and Tuition Money!

While students are going to school here at WIU, many of them hold down jobs at the same time! It just so happens that there are many student jobs available right here on campus…and there are some jobs that you might not even know about!

 I was talking with some fellow students about their jobs on campus. Some work in academic departments while others work in co-curricular fields. For example, Lauren Young, a finance major, works at the Student Service Center in the University Union. She checks in guests and assists them when they stay at the University Union Hotel. She also works in the Digitization Center in the library. “I really like this job because I get to work on some pretty interesting projects while I am in the center,” Lauren said.

 Another student, Brittany Ivancich, works as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer at the Student Rec Center.  Brittany said that she obtained this job by going through group fitness and personal training classes herself. “I enjoy motivating people, helping people work out, and assisting them in pushing themselves to their full potential.” Brittany said that this also gives her great “real-world” experience.

 Aaron McFadden, an agricultural student, works in Building Services. During his work hours, his main duties include janitorial work. “I enjoy my job because I am able to meet many different people because I am constantly in different buildings.”

 Emily Kliffmiller applied for and was hired for a student worker job in the Nursing Department after seeing the job listed on the human resources page of the WIU website. “I like getting to know the professors and students in the office,” she said. She also loves answering the phone.

 My close friend, Shelby Paben, has a very interesting job on campus.  She gets to work hands on with the uTech budget in the University Technology administration office.  She originally applied to work in the uTech computer labs, but since she had so much prior experience in an office, she was given this job instead. “I enjoy my job and it has given me a great set of skills that will benefit me in the future,” said Shelby.

 I worked on campus during my freshmen year; I worked in the Admissions Office. I sorted mail and entered potential and interested students’ information into the computer.  I worked with some great people and met a lot of university administrators. It was a rewarding experience. Now, my good friend Branton Waters works in the same department, in the same position.

 If you are interested learning more about on campus student jobs, check out the Student Services page at http://www.wiu.edu/student_services/student_employment/types.php


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