WIU Exercise Majors Get Real-World Experience

A great opportunity for students while they are earning their degrees at WIU is hands-on experience in the their field. Well, the Kinesiology Department has provided a way for exercise science majors to get that experience…by being personal trainers to WIU employees!

The program is quite simple. The exercise science majors are assigned to train WIU employees who have signed up for a personal trainer through the Kinesiology Department.  The program is very economical ($50/semester) and any WIU employee can sign up to participate. It consists of fitness assessments and individualized fitness training sessions twice a week. The trainers meet with their “client” in Brophy Hall Fitness Room #135 two times a week. Employees can choose to work out before work, over their lunch hour or after work. The fitness room is reserved just for this program. Every semester, the sessions begin about three weeks into the semester and run for 16 weeks. Each session is 45 minutes long. Employees just simply have to sign up!

Kinesiology professor Cathy McMillan is the director of the personal training program and supervises the student trainers. She has done a great job putting the program together and making it comfortable for employees who are interested.  Cathy does her best to give each employee their preferred time in the Fitness Room despite having only 12 trainers this semester.

As said before, the trainers are actual exercise science majors at WIU who are in their last semester of course work.  All of the trainers are supervised and approved by Cathy and the Kinesiology Department. This program not only helps employees stay fit, but it also provides the students with a resource to practice what they’ve learned in the classroom. “It is a win-win opportunity because the students get to put their practice into action and the employees get educated personal trainers for a very low cost,” Cathy said.

This program is a great opportunity for everyone involved. Exercise science majors gain so much experience by working with the WIU employees through the program. And employees are able to get fit and stay healthy. If you are a WIU employee and are interested in the training program, you can contact Cathy McMillan at cs-mcmillan@wiu.edu.


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