It is Time for the International Bazaar!

As I have told you before, I am a dancer and have been since I was six years old. And one of the places that we always performed when I was younger was WIU’s International Bazaar…which kicks off this weekend.

The International Bazaar is a spectacular event that has been going on at Western for 40 years, this year. It takes place in the Grand Ballroom of the Union and is open to not only WIU students, but also the entire Macomb and WIU communities. Students representing different countries come together and form groups to partake in the International Bazaar. These groups then share their culture with the public. 

Many different activities take place during the International Bazaar.  For example, my favorite part was always the performances on the main stage.  Each group representing a country can create routine or act that shows the culture of their country. Some countries perform dance routines; others do poetry readings in the language of that country. It is very interesting to watch! I always represented the U.S.A. with my dance performances.

Another great part of the International Bazaar is the food! Each country sets up a booth around the Grand Ballroom with different items representing their country such as clothing, art, jewelry, etc. But the best part is the food samples from each country.  I always remember getting the sweet and sour chicken from China; it’s always so yummy. It will be interesting what each country cooks up for us this year!

The International Bazaar is a wonderful opportunity to open students’ eyes to different ways of life and the various cultures around the world.  I think this event offers a great reminder to us students that America is a melting pot and that WIU is welcoming to everyone! Anyone who attends the International Bazaar will take something away from the event.

The International Bazaar will be held tonight in the Grand Ballroom of the Union from 6:00-9:00PM and then again on tomorrow (March 2) from 5:30-9:00PM. Tickets are available at the door and admission is $5 per person and $2 for children.  Come out and join the fun at WIU’s International Bazaar!




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