A Time For Reflection

Have you ever wanted a weekend to spend time doing things just for yourself? How about a weekend where you do not have to worry about anything else going on in your life? Well WIU’s Horn Field Campus provided just this type of opportunity for individuals with a Wellness Weekend…this weekend!

This weekend, February 23rd and 24th, students, professors, and community members ventured to Horn Field Campus and participated in activities to better themselves through the mind, body, and soul.  Mindy Pheiffer, the program coordinator for Horn Field Campus, organized the annual Wellness Weekend.  “It is a time to get out of your normal routine,” Pheiffer said. “It is time to take care of yourself in a reflective, nourishing environment.” And the price tag? Forty-dollars covered the entire weekend, including community meals that involved all of the participants.

Individuals who chose to attend Wellness Weekend got the chance to take part in many different activities.  At one session, attendees practiced yoga and meditation.  There was also a segment of the weekend set aside for Labyrinth and Mandala art, which is used as a form of relaxation.  The weekend was not only meant to better one’s physical health, it also targeted the mind, allowing for a reflection of the one’s emotional self.

 Local professionals with varying areas of expertise were called in to lead the activities. Certified instructors include Karen Mauldin-Curtis, Kelley Quinn and Adam Chacksfield. They all had wonderful plans for the weekend to make sure participators had an enjoyable experience.

 The facilitators developed an itinerary for the weekend. From there, it has been Pheiffer’s job to promote and draw attention to the event. She hoped to bring the community together through Wellness Weekend. 

 I think this event provided a great way for people who need a stress reliever to finally enjoy some relaxation.  Horn Field Campus is a place where one can close out the rest of the world and just simply focus on themselves, finding ways to escape the negativities of life.  


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