Brrrrr… It’s Cold In Macomb!

Well, with all the snow that has fallen in Macomb and on the WIU campus in the last day, some students have been and are still dreading the long walk across campus.  Whether we are just walking to another building for class, walking to our cars, or even walking all the way to our residence hall, it is a horrendous trek through the cold winds of Illinois and the inches of snow!

There are many different scenarios of how students are making their way to and from on campus.  First, there are commuters coming from out of town or somewhere off-campus that must park in their designated parking lots.  As you know, some of the parking lots are not close to many of the buildings, which can make for a long, chilly walk.  As a commuter, I wear about three layers underneath my coat when I know that I will be walking a lot on campus.  Otherwise, I think I would freeze to death!

Then, there are the students who live in residence halls that walk to and from their classes every day.  This could be a huge walk!  If you ever lived in the north quad, do you remember trekking across Q Lot in the dead of winter to get to class?  Luckily, today’s WIU students have a great option to help them get across campus …Go West! Go West is WIU’s bus system that has routes all through Western as well as many routes through Macomb.  The buses are able to make quite a few stops to get students to their desired locations whether it is home (on-campus or off), a job, or even just to another class.

Shelby Paben, a communication major at WIU, said, “it takes all I have to walk out in the freezing cold weather. Especially when I spend almost my entire day on campus!”  I could not agree more.  That feeling when you walk into a warm building after power-walking in the freezing cold weather is something we students cherish, that is for sure.  It’s also nice to know that WIU clears all the sidewalks and parking lots around campus to help ease our trek to classes.

You always know that it is going to be one of those cold days on campus because WIU student Twitter feeds and Facebook pages begin to fill up with statuses such as “Brrrrrr, can anyone give me a ride to class?” or “Gotta love that Illinois weather!” I suppose it is nice to have a fair warning.

Fortunately, we only have about a month or so left of this cold weather and then we will be able to enjoy a nice walk across campus in the spring!  As you know, the groundhog did not see his shadow on Groundhog Day so it looks like we are hoping for an early spring!  I sure do hope so! 


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