Greek Life: What is it Like?

There has been a lot of buzz around campus over the past two weeks about fraternity and sorority Bid Week.  What is Bid Week you ask?  Well I am sure that many of you alumni were a part of Greek life here at Western and know exactly what I am talking about.  But for those who don’t, Bid Week is the week where students who are interested in joining a Greek organization get the chance to explore the different fraternities and sororities WIU has to offer. Students attend interest parties at different houses of the sorority or fraternity that they want to be a part of.  By the end of bid week, interested students hope to get a “bid” from the sorority or fraternity that best fits them.

I spoke to Alex Geisler, who is a graduate assistant advisor for Sigma Sigma Sigma here at Western, to learn more about the sorority bid process. “Being part of the recruitment process means finding a group of women who share the same values and beliefs with you, not only at Western Illinois University, but nationwide.” During Bid Week, Sigma Sigma Sigma follows the standard procedure of holding interest parties for interested young women.  Then, the sorority as a whole sends out their bids.  Geisler says that Bid Day is a wonderful celebration to welcome new members.  After bids are accepted, new members receive their first sorority T-shirt with their letters on it.

I also spoke to Nicole Bonfiglio who was an interested student who wished for a bid from Alpha Sigma Tau last semester, and she got one!  She was excited to be a part of the Bid Week process….from the other side.  She talked to me about her experience in her sorority. “It’s provides me with a sense of self and provides me morals to live by to help me become a better individual.”  She also said that it is a great way for her to get involved in the community and WIU. It also helps her keep focused on her grades thanks to the help of her sisters. Danielle Woolam, a member of Sigma Alpha, agrees.  “Being a part of Sigma Alpha is more than just a bunch of girls getting together…we’re all very close and truly are the definition of ‘sisters’.” Sigma Alpha is an Agricultural sorority for women; through it, the members take part in events within the Agriculture Department.  Woolam mentioned that their Bid Week process is very laid back and they welcome anyone that is interested.  She has developed wonderful relationships within Sigma Alpha and she hopes new members will do the same.

As this week comes to a close, new members will begin a new chapter in their college careers…that of a Greek student.  They will be able to form new friendships and experience others who have different points of views and perspectives.  They will learn what it is like to work together to come up with ideas and to really be a close knit organization.  From all the individuals that I have spoken to, it is obvious that Greek life at WIU is a lot more than what we see on the outside.  It can really add to the college experience by offering students opportunities to become more outgoing and personable.  If you were Greek while at Western, I’m interested in hearing what Greek life was like when you attended.  I would love to hear all about it!


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