WIU Students Come Together for the Big Game!

Wow! What a game that was! The Ravens took the win for the 47th Super Bowl in New Orleans inside the Super Dome yesterday. Every year, the Super Bowl is a great opportunity for college students, myself included, to get together and have fun. I thought it would be interesting to talk my friends about their thoughts on the Super Bowl and how they celebrated the game.

One of the most important aspects of watching the big game is making sure the TV is big enough.  My friends and I made sure we chose a game watch location that had a huge flat screen TV and then filled the couches around it. Then the competition began. One of my friends, Jacob Geisler, an agricultural business major, said he definitely did not want the Ravens to win.  “I think that Ray Lewis is cocky, and I would love to see the 49ers take the win as the underdogs of this game,” said Geisler.  It was unanimous among my friends and I; we all picked the 49ers as our team to win. But that didn’t work out so well…

Aside from the actual game, one of the most exciting aspects of the Super Bowl is always the halftime show. Beyonce took the stage and rocked it! I think that this part of the game is what interests the female viewers the most.  My friend, Kaylie Duesenberg, a nursing major at WIU, said, “ I can’t believe Destiny’s Child joined Beyonce! That is such a great reminder of our childhood.” She was referring to the late 90’s girl group Destiny’s Child, which I enjoyed seeing too. Beyonce put on such a show that half of the lights went out later in the game!

Of course there always has to be great food when we watch the Super Bowl.  Despite the chilly Illinois day, my friends and I grilled up some delicious hamburgers outside. My friend Shelby Paben made some wonderful fiesta dip that was almost completely gone by the end of the game.  We munched on little snacks throughout the entire game. We also couldn’t forget a huge bucket of chicken from KFC! It was a college student-style feast!

Another great entertainment factor for the game was the commercials. They are usually very funny and keep the spirits up throughout the game, despite the score. Did you know that it costs $4 million for every 30 seconds of a Super Bowl commercial? Wow! Coming from a farm background, my favorite commercial was the Ram Trucks commercial that pointed out all the hard work farmers do for our nation. Here is the link if you would like to watch it:

What was your favorite commercial?

Our Super Bowl party wasn’t the only one in town; I know tons of students who were planning on watching the game with friends. Not only is it an enjoyable time to watch the game, but it is also a great opportunity to catch up with each other and make memories.  And even though our team didn’t win, we still had a great time together! I hope that all you WIU alumni did as well!


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