Lookin’ Fly.


As students make their way through their education here at WIU, they begin to discover what they would like to do with their degree once they graduate.  They also begin to realize that in order to obtain a career, they will have to go through interviews for jobs and maybe even internship opportunities. One of the first items potential employers notice about applicants is the way they dress…and that is where one WIU department’s “Dress for Success” event comes in!

Caryn Morgan is an academic advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences; she also organizes WIU’s “Dress for Success” event. In that role, she works to put everything together and ensure that the event is successful with the help of a committee of academic advisors.  They also seek out the help of Career Services in order to host this event.  

The main purpose of “Dress for Success” is to put professional clothing in the hands of students that need it and are unable to purchase it on their own. Caryn mentioned that after talking to some students and faculty, she realized that some students simply would not go to an interview because they did not have anything suitable to wear.  She also noticed that students were borrowing clothes from their friends.  When she went to Career Services, staff in that office had heard the same types of stories from students. So together, they have come up with the “Dress for Success” event!

The plan was pretty simple…the event was held today in the University Union, outside of the food court.  Students were able to browse through racks of professional clothing.  When they found an outfit they liked, they were able to try it on and it was theirs to keep

This event came at a great time because WIU’s Spring Career Fair is just around the corner! This way, students are able to look presentable when conversing with company representatives and look professional to employers that may be looking for interns.

Caryn and her committee were very excited for the event. “It was the first time anything like this happened on campus,” she said. Personally, as a broke college student, I know how hard it is to come up with something presentable when you really need it.  I think this was a wonderful event that benefited many students. 


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