Come On In!


College students transfer to and from different universities all the time.  They are either looking for a different major, want to be involved in certain programs that other universities offer, or they just simply want something new to spice up their lives. Well, a number of students chose to transfer to Western this semester and we welcome them with open arms!

That includes my roommate, Mitch Dormire, who just transferred to WIU this semester from Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville.  I asked him why he chose to come to Western this semester after attending SIUE for two years and he had a couple of reasons.  First, Western is closer to his hometown so he is able to be close to his family and friends there…plus a lot of his friends attend Western. Even though college is about getting an education, it can be more enjoyable if you get to share it with the people you love.  Secondly, he was looking for a new major and Western offers a great agriculture program, which he was very interested in.

Being from Macomb and growing up in a college town, I see many people that leave here for college and transfer back to Western after a semester or two.  I believe this is because WIU is located in a nice and humble town, and it becomes comfortable for many students. Western is a great and suitable university and it attracts many local students.  That is why many transfer students will first attend a junior college and then transfer to Western to earn their Bachelor’s degree.

Transferring midway through the year is sometimes difficult. Everyone is already set in their clubs or organizations, students have their core group of friends and while the classes are new, the atmosphere is familiar. I think a lot of people transfer in January because they have decided that they do not like where they are at and want to start fresh at Western… and what better place to do so! I worked in the Admissions office my freshman year at WIU and saw how the transfer process worked.  The process is very easy for students. And WIU does everything they can to make sure that transfer students are right where they need to be regarding credits and classes.

Another really important factor in transferring is making sure that all prior credits transfer to the student’s new education plan.  That is also something that Western handles very well.  I know of students who have tried applying to other universities and their credits from junior college will not transfer.  WIU is great about making sure that these credits do transfer and apply them towards their degree.

So, as you can see, WIU is a great place for students to transfer to…and many of them do!  Western just simply provides a great environment for students to earn an education. Go Leathernecks!





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