Well, Hello There!

To all my readers out there, my name is Kolette Herndon and it is great to finally get a chance to connect with you.  This week, I started my internship with WIU Alumni Programs and I have a feeling it’s going to be quite the rewarding experience for me.  The Alumni Programs staff is incredibly nice and helpful. It is such a great environment to work in…and I’ve only been here three days!

 So, I suppose I should tell you a little about myself.  I am a journalism major here at Western Illinois University with an emphasis in public relations. I am also working towards a minor in communication.  I grew up just outside of Macomb on a farm, smack dab in the middle of nowhere with cornfields on every corner and cows out in the pasture.  As boring as that may seem to some of you, it is where I call home and visiting the old farm never gets old. I am just a downhome country girl with big dreams in her pocket and the drive and motivation to get where I need to be.

School has always been a main priority for me. I work hard for my accomplishments and have set goals for a bright future.  Outside of school, I work as a waitress at a local restaurant here in Macomb called Rocky’s Bar and Grille. (Some of you alumni might remember it as The Regulator on the west end of town.) Come in and try our mozzarella sticks. They are delicious! I am also a dance instructor at Dana’s Dance and Tumbling Studio here in Macomb. It is great to get to spend time with wonderful kids and share my knowledge of dance with them. I get to take the stage also; I am a member of the student-run dance team called Euphoria, a group made up of experienced WIU dancers.

 As soon as I found out about this internship, I jumped right on the opportunity.  This internship will be a great way for me to learn what it is like in the business world and have responsibilities that are not only important to me but to others as well.  Since I am working towards becoming a public relations practitioner, I hope this internship will help me understand how important it is to maintain a client’s reputation and connect with different people to create friendly relationships that will benefit my future. Blogging about WIU will also give me a chance to work on my writing and help me utilize my creativity to draw in readers like you!

I feel that today, my first day on the job, opened up many doors for me and there was no better decision than to apply for this position.  I hope to interest and entertain you with blogs about events on campus and viewpoints from different individuals around Western. I consider myself one of the most outgoing people you could ever meet, so it looks like this job will come easy for me. It gives me satisfaction that I am headed in the right direction. Be sure to check my blog ; I’ll be posting at least three times a week! I am confident I will be able to entertain you with my corky personality. I also will love any feedback that you have for me. I am looking forward to a great semester and being able to share my thoughts with you.

 That is all for today, folks! Here we go…







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